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How to Sew a Vintage Tie Table Runner

Cyndee Kromminga

This vintage tie table runner is a wonderful way to honor the men in your life and create a beautiful family heirloom. Choose any color or design to fit in with most any decor setting, or bring this vintage tie table runner out on special occasions like Father's Day or Grandpa's birthday. The number of ties and the exact amount of materials used are not given because of the different widths and styles of ties and the table size it will be used on.

  1. Cut the printed quilted fabric the size and shape desired for your vintage tie table runner.

  2. Open the seams of the ties using the seam ripper. Discard the interfacing and set the label aside for another project.

  3. Iron the ties flat. Cut a piece of fusible web the size of each tie and iron to the backs of the ties. This will prevent stretching and fraying of the vintage tie edges.

  4. Lay the printed quilted fabric with the print side down. Position one tie, right side up, in the center of the table runner length. Iron in place.

  5. Position another tie over the first, right sides together. If the first tie is positioned with wide end to narrow end, reverse the one next to it so that it is narrow end to wide end. Pin the one long side of the ties edges together, through the printed quilted fabric.

  6. Sew a 1/4-inch seam attaching the ties and the printed quilt fabric together.

  7. Unfold the ties and iron.

  8. Repeat Steps 5, 6 and 7 until the whole front of the vintage table runner has been covered.

  9. Turn the runner over to the printed quilt side, and using the shape of the runner as a guide, cut the excess tie pieces away.

  10. Turn the vintage tie table runner back over. Pin one side of the bias binding, wrong side up, to the edge of the table runner all the way around.

  11. Stitch the bias binding in place around the vintage tie table runner.

  12. Fold the free edge of the bias binding to the back of the vintage tie table runner and pin.

  13. Blind-stitch the binding to the back of the tie table runner.