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How to Fix Frayed Sofa Cushions

Louise Harding

Re-covering your frayed sofa fabric is a costly and time-consuming process; however, by using iron-on mending fabric you can fix the frayed areas of your sofa cushions without the expense of re-upholstery. Iron-on mending fabric is manufactured by many brands and in many different sizes and colors. Purchase the color closest to the color or most dominant color in your sofa cushion fabric. The mending fabric will be applied on the wrong side of the sofa fabric so your repair job won't be detectable and will preserve the life of your sofa cushion fabric.

Save yourself the expense of re-upholstering your couch with iron-on mending fabric.
  1. Remove the fabric sofa cushion cover from the sofa cushion. If your sofa cushion cover is washable, wash and dry the cover as you normally would. Check the care label of the fabric sofa cushion to verify that the fabric content can be ironed. Rayon and nylon are two fabrics that cannot be ironed.

  2. Use a dry, cotton setting for applying iron-on mending fabric.
  3. Turn the iron on and allow it to preheat for five minutes on a no-steam, cotton setting (about 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit).

  4. Turn the sofa cushion cover inside out and slide the ironing board table inside of the cushion cover with the frayed area facing you. Smooth the fabric cushion cover flat with your palms.

  5. Measure the frayed section of your sofa cushion cover.
  6. Use the tape measure to measure the frayed area of your sofa cushion cover. Place the iron-on mending fabric over the frayed portion of your fabric sofa cushion and cut the fabric, with the scissors, 1-inch wider and longer than the frayed section. Cut the corners so they are rounded.

  7. Iron the frayed area of the sofa cushion cover in order to preheat the frayed section of the fabric.

  8. Turn the sofa cushion cover inside-out to repair.
  9. Place the iron-on mending fabric that you have cut on top of the frayed area of the sofa cushion cover, with the shiny side against the fabric. Press down hard with the iron for 40 to 45 seconds--longer if the iron-on mending fabric is slow to adhere. Press firmly around the edges, paying particular attention to the rounded corners.

  10. Let the iron-on mending fabric cool and then test the edges to see if they come up when you rub your fingertips over them. If the iron-on mending fabric rolls or separates, repeat Step 6.