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How to Iron Organza Tablecloths

Organza is a gorgeous fabric with a beautiful drape, and an organza tablecloth will make any room look elegant. Unfortunately, organza is a tricky fabric, prone to melting. To keep your organza looking nice, you'll have to iron it with care.

  1. Take your organza tablecloth, and set it on the ironing board.

  2. Set your iron to the coolest setting.

  3. Lay a cotton press cloth over the area you are ironing. A press cloth can be a piece of scrap fabric or even another table cloth--anything that adds a layer between your tablecloth and the iron.

  4. Test a small corner of the tablecloth to see how the fabric reacts.

  5. Iron lightly, making sure to move the iron quickly around all the fabric. Continue moving the press cloth as you iron.

  6. Fold your tablecloth or put it on your table.