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How to Clean Ultrasuede

Jennifer Habersham

Ultrasuede is a microfiber that looks and feels like suede. Ultrasuede is machine-washable, the colors won't run, and it won't wrinkle. Many of the items that Ultrasuede is attached to can't be cleaned in a washing machine, but the material can be cleaned easily by hand.

  1. Run a lint brush over your Ultrasuede product. This should be all you need to do for basic weekly cleaning.

  2. Dab wet stains with a clean, dry washcloth. Do not rub the stain--this can help the stain set.

  3. Wet another washcloth and wring out any excess water. The washcloth should be wet but not saturated.

  4. Dab the stain with your wet washcloth. Continue until the stain is removed.

  5. Dab the wet spot with your dry washcloth. Press firmly, then pull the washcloth away from the Ultrasuede. Repeat until the fabric looks dry. The fabric may be still be wet to the touch; allow it to dry completely.