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Care of Cotton Lawn Fabric

G.K. Bayne

Cotton lawn fabric is not a fabric used for lawn furniture. Instead, it is a finely woven cotton fabric that resembles linen and is used in children's clothing, pajamas and as quilting material. Unlike traditional cotton clothing, lawn fabric resists wrinkles and has a soft, silky feel. The lightweight fabric is perfect for use in summer clothing or for layering in other seasons.

Christening gowns have been made with lawn fabric for centuries.
  1. Wash lawn fabric in cool water using the delicate cycle of the washing machine and a detergent formulated for delicate clothing.

  2. Spread out a heavy bath towel and place the lawn fabric on top. Roll the towel to remove excess moisture from the garment.

  3. Hang the garment on a wooden or plastic coat hanger in a warm area to completely dry.

  4. Iron with a warm iron to remove any wrinkles that may be in the fabric.