How to Arrange Short Floral Arrangements in a Square Vase

A square floral arrangement offers an attractive contrast to traditional rounded arrangements. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, square vases create symmetrical centerpieces due to the neatly angled lines that help enhance even the simplest flower arrangement. Depending on personal preference, use one shade of flowers to line the edges of the vase and another for the inside, or use the same color throughout. Place scented candles around the vase or glue decorative ribbon around its edges for added appeal.

Arrange flowers in a square vase to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Step 1

Place the short 3- to 5-inch clear or frosted glass vase on a table. Hold a flower up next to the outside of the vase to determine its height. Because you want to create a short floral arrangement, keep the flowers up to 2 inches taller than the rim of the vase.

Step 2

Cut the lower end of each stem at the selected height using sharp clippers. Form a diagonal, 45-degree cut to enable the stem to absorb maximum water that will prolong its life in the vase.

Step 3

Line the glass vase with decorative stones or colored marbles to enhance visual appeal before filling with water. The stones or marbles also anchor the stems in the vase and hold them upright. Alternatively, measure and cut floral foam to fit the base of the vase using a utility knife. Trim edges around the foam, if required, so it fits the base snugly.

Step 4

Pour water into the vase until half full. Let the water penetrate the foam and settle in the vase for a minute.

Step 5

Lower a stem in the center of the vase, pushing it gently into the marbles or foam. Insert a flower at each corner of the vase. Step back to check that the tops are uniform and level. Adjust, if necessary, by pushing a taller stem further into the base or trimming excess length.

Step 6

Add flowers into the vase to fill empty or bare spots in between. Do not let the petals of adjacent flowers touch, but allow tiny spaces in between so the arrangement creates visual impact. Step back to review the tops and rearrange flowers that stick out higher than the others or at odd angles. Add more water to the vase if necessary.


  • Wear gloves if handling thorny flowers such as roses to prevent direct contact with the skin.
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