How to Hang a Bed Sheet as Wallpaper

Sidney Johns

With the right tools, sheets become decorative wallpaper. For those who live in apartments where painting is not allowed or for those who want a quick change without the permanency of other decorating options, sheets may be the answer. Light cotton sheets are available commercially in a multitude of colors and prints. With a bit of spray starch, these prints become the decoration for a room's walls.

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Step 1

Clean the wall. Wipe it down with a clean cloth to remove dust and debris.

Step 2

Measure the width of the sheet. Mark the width of it on the wall with a pencil starting at the left corner.

Step 3

Spray the top quarter of the wall with heavy spray starch. Begin in the left corner and spray to the marked width area.

Step 4

Press the top left corner of the sheet into the left corner of the wall and smooth across with the back of the hand. Press the sheet evenly across the wall. Spray a bit extra heavy starch on the outside corner area. The wide hem of the sheet creates the border for the wall.

Step 5

Place push pins into the top corners of the sheet to hold in place temporarily.

Step 6

Spray the rest of the wall under the sheet with heavy spray starch.

Step 7

Smooth down the sheet with a wallpaper brush, removing any wrinkles. Wait at least an hour for the starch to completely dry before removing the push pins.

Step 8

Cut off the bottom if necessary. If the sheet is too long for the wall, measure and cut off the excessive material. Turn up a very small hem and use fabric glue to secure. Spray the back of the new hem with spray starch and stick to the wall.

Step 9

Repeat the process for hanging additional sheets across the wall.