Greenlee 1818 Mechanical Bender Instructions

Bob White

Greenlee has been building tools the since the 1870s. In the early 1940s, it began producing a line of equipment for electricians. One of these tools was a conduit bender designed to change the direction of metal pipe. These pipes protect electrical wire from mechanical damage and prevent people from being electrocuted. They are used anytime wire is run outside a wall system or on the exterior of a building. The Greenlee 1818 bender is a hand-operated mechanical pipe bender.

You need to bend electrical conduit during the installation process.

Step 1

Move the Greenlee's handle to the upwards position. This adjusts the device for the loading of the pipe.

Step 2

Choose the correct size bending shoe for the size and type of conduit you are bending. Each shoe is stamped for its application.

Step 3

Insert the bending shoe on the pivot shaft and lock in place with the snap spring clip on the end of the pivot shaft.

Step 4

Insert the cushion roller in the proper hole and lock in place with a cotter pin. A decal on the bender's frame indicates the proper hole.

Step 5

Insert the conduit into the bender laying it flat along cushion roller and the front edge hook. Align the front edge of the hook with the location on the pipe you want to bend.

Step 6

Rotate the ratchet handle to the horizontal position then move the bend control handle to the "Bend" position.

Step 7

Push the ratchet handle to the "Up" position with your hands. Rotate the ratchet handle back to the horizontal position and remove the pipe.