How to Remove the Dishwasher Filter Cover for a GE QuietPower

"QuietPower" is a trademarked sound-dampening feature of many models of GE dishwashers.
The feature creates a quieter wash cycle that is less intrusive to the household. A dishwasher filter is used to strain food particles and debris from the wash water and rinse water. The filter is fitted with a grinding device to grind up and wash debris down the drain. This filtering assembly is protected from damage by a raised grate located on the floor of the GE dishwasher. .

Step 1

Open the dishwasher door, and slide the racks out of the dishwasher to give you clear access to the bottom of the dishwasher and allow some headroom to work.

Step 2

Loosen and remove the two Phillips screws that hold the raised rectangular filter cover in place. Set the screws aside in a safe location.

Step 3

Lift the rectangular filter cover straight up and off of its mountings from the floor of the dishwasher cavity.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips screwdriver or drill bit