How Do I Know When My Cesspool Is Full?

If you think your cesspool may be full but you are not quite ready to spend the money or time on a service call yet, don't worry. There are several signs and symptoms that you can observe on your own to determine whether this is the case.

Check to see if your toilet is draining slower than usual.

Step 1

Observe whether the toilet is draining slower than usual when flushed.

Step 2

Check to see if water is backing up into sinks, toilets, tubs or washing machines.

Step 3

Listen for any unusual sounds such as "gurgling" when you flush a toilet or turn on the faucet.

Step 4

Check the soil around the cesspool. If there are noticeably soggy areas, or the grass is a deeper green color than surrounding areas, the cesspool is likely full.

Step 5

Be on the lookout for depressions in the soil.

Step 6

Be aware of any unpleasant odors present either in the house or outside the house.

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