How to Install Garage Door Lock Rods

A garage door's lock rods secure the door panels to the door tracks. The lock rods activate from the inside of the garage, stopping an intruder from releasing its locking mechanism. To maintain the door's integrity, the lock rod's locking mechanism bolts to a door panel rib near the door track. An engaged locking rod prevents an electric garage door opener from raising the garage door. Most garage doors use a set of lock rods to secure the garage door to both door tracks.

Lock rods often mount waist high on a garage door.

Step 1

Remove the lock rod's cutout cover on the door's track, if needed, using a center punch and hammer. Some garage door manufacturers remove the cutout's cover, leaving a rectangular hole in the track. If the track contains the cutout's cover, hold the center punch on the cutout's cover and strike the punch's handle with the hammer. Repeat this for the second door track.

Step 2

Position the lock rod in the locking mechanism's full locked position. When locked, the lock rod's L-shaped handle touches the locking mechanism's housing and the locking rod's straight-shaped shank extends out the other end of the locking mechanism.

Step 3

Slip the lock rod's shank through the rectangle cutout on the door track and hold the locking mechanism against the door panel's rib. Align the locking mechanism's bolt holes with the bolt holes on the panel's rib.

Step 4

Slip a mounting bolt through the locking mechanism's bolt hole and into the panel rib's bolt hole. Hand tighten the bolt. Hand tighten all of the mechanism's mounting bolts. Repeat this for the second lock-rod locking mechanism.

Step 5

Lock and unlock both lock rods several times, checking the lock rod's action through the door track's cutout hole. Adjust the locking mechanism's position on the panel rib until the lock rod slides freely through the door track's cutout. Repeat this with the second lock rod.

Step 6

Tighten each of the lock rod's locking mechanism mounting bolts, using the correct size wrench. If the locking mechanism moves while tightening the bolts, retest the lock rod and adjust its position as needed.

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