How to Use a Splash Block

A splash box is a plastic or cement angled block designed to go under a gutter downspout to catch rainwater as it falls. The splash box prevents the water from soaking into the ground near the foundation of the home, causing excessive erosion and possible damage to the foundation of the home. A splash box is especially important in homes with basements or subfloors under the ground. The box can help prevent leaking inside the basement by carrying the water a safe distance away from the basement walls.

A splash box under a drain spout will prevent foundation erosion.

Step 1

Place the splash box directly below the gutter downspout. Position the widest end under the spout, with the narrow end facing away from the side of the house.

Step 2

Mark the placement of the splash box with sticks or small rocks. Remove the splash box from the area.

Step 3

Dig out the grass around the marked area. Dig the area in a slightly angled shape, with the highest point directly under the downspout and the lowest point near the other side of the splash box. Make the angle between the two sides no greater than 2 inches.

Step 4

Place a thin layer of gravel over the dug-out area and the area immediately surrounding the marked area. Remove the sticks or marker stones.

Step 5

Place the splash box inside the dug out area. Push it down into the hole to secure it under the downspout. When it rains, the splash box will carry the water away from the house, preventing basement leaks or foundation cracks from water damage.

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