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How to Make Your Propane Last Longer

Todd Bowerman

Propane can provide the heat for your entire home, or simply the gas it takes to cook a steak on the grill. Once your propane tank runs empty, you must bring it to the store for a refill or, in the case of large residential tanks, have a propane company come to your location and fill up your tank. If you want to lower the cost of your propane and the frequency of your fill-ups, you need to look for ways to stretch each tank of propane as far as you can.

Making the most out of your propane tank saves you money.

Step 1

Turn your thermostat down by 10 to 15 percent, and shut off your heat when you are not at home. You will not notice much difference in terms of comfort, but you will see an improvement in heating costs.

Step 2

Keep the intake vent and air filter in your home clean. You should also periodically clean the output vents around your house. The less air you waste, the less gas you need.

Step 3

Use a grill with an automatic ignition. You waste a tiny bit of propane each time you light a manual grill, and this tiny amount adds up over time.

Step 4

Upgrade your equipment. Look for energy-efficient water heaters, grills and furnaces that use less gas for the same in-house results.

Step 5

Cook smaller portions of food. Smaller pieces of food cook more quickly, requiring less cooking gas.

Step 6

Switch your water heater for a tankless device. Tankless heaters only heat the water you use as opposed to heating water you might never use in a massive tank.

Step 7

Keep your propane tanks clean and well maintained. A propane leak is not only expensive, it’s a potential fire hazard.