How to Troubleshoot the Wahl Designer Clippers 8355

The Wahl Designer 8355 is a professional clipper with a high precision blade that must be properly set up and maintained for precise hairstyling. Designed primarily for barbers, it comes with six cutting guides and a variable taper that allows you to cut hair without changing the blades. The Designer 8355 may run into occasional problems that may diminish its performance. If problems arise, knowing how to solve them may improve your clipper's performance.

Step 1

Flip your Wahl Designer 8355 clipper around then remove the two screws that hold the bottom blade in place with a screwdriver.

Step 2

Move the bottom blade to the left or right to align it with the top blade. For precise cuts, make sure the ends of the top blade teeth are about 1/32- to 1/16-inch back from and parallel to the bottom blade. Aligning the blade properly will prevent the cutter from touching the skin when you're cutting hair.

Step 3

Make sure the extreme left-hand of the top blade covers the first tooth on the bottom blade. Make sure the extreme right-hand tooth of the top blade is touching the big tooth on the bottom blade. If the clipper isn't properly aligned, it won't cut well.

Step 4

Turn your Wahl 8355 clipper to its side if it's making a loud clunking sound. Using a screwdriver, turn the power screw on the clipper in a clockwise direction until you hear a noise. Turn it counterclockwise until the noise stops. This tunes the clipper by allowing to run on maximum power.

Step 5

Place a few drops of clipper/trimmer oil on the teeth of the blades. Don't use hair oil, grease, kerosene or any abrasive substances that could damage the blade.

Step 6

Brush off any hair and dirt from the teeth of the blades if they are dirty. If the blades are clogged, your clipper won't cut well.

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