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How to Make an Antler Coat Rack

Nicole Fotheringham

Antlers can make for very interesting coat racks. If you have a couple of antlers lying around, or you bought some on the Internet, put them to good use while displaying them in your entrance hall. The many branches of the antlers will give you and your guests ample room for coats, hats and scarves. This keeps your home neat and saves space by storing coats out of the way. You will need some basic woodworking skills and tools to make this attractive antler coat rack.

Use antler sheds to create a unique coat rack.

Step 1

Cut the piece of lumber to size. The lumber should be big enough to hold the antlers and small enough to fit on your wall. If you are mounting the rack in the entrance way, ensure that there is enough space to open the door.

Step 2

Sand the lumber with the 80-grit sandpaper and then with the 300-grit sandpaper until smooth. Coat with lacquer and leave to dry. Sand lightly with the 300-grit sandpaper and coat with lacquer again. Leave to dry.

Step 3

Mark with a pencil the places on the wood where you will place the antlers. Make sure that they are evenly spaced and in the middle of the piece of wood. Use your ruler to measure for accuracy. If the antlers are too big, trim them to size with the handsaw.

Step 4

Cut the base of the antler so that it is flat. Place the antler into a wood clamp between two scrap pieces of wood so that the clamp doesn't leave marks on the antlers. Drill a hole in the center of the antler that is big enough to fit the 1/2 inch wooden dowel snugly. Drill the hole about 2 1/2 inches into the antler.

Step 5

Place wood glue into the hole in the antler and press the dowel into the hole. Wipe off excess glue that oozes from the hole with the rag. Leave to dry.

Step 6

Lay the lacquered timber on your work surface. Drill a 2 1/2 inch hole into the timber, where you placed your mark with the pencil. Fill the hole 1/3 with wood glue and press the antler dowel into the hole. Leave to dry.

Step 7

Repeat with the other antlers until you have mounted all your antlers. Use the drill to mount the coat rack to the wall with the wood screws. Drill holes though the timber that will fit the wood screws. Get an assistant to hold the coat rack in place as you use the drill to turn the screws through the coat rack and into the wall to secure it. Use a screw in each corner so that the rack is able to support the weight of your coats.