How To Get Rid of a Septic Smell in the Bathroom

Unpleasant smells in your bathroom can permeate your entire home, make using the bathroom unpleasant and even embarrass you when guests come over. Septic smells are often associated with drainage or plumbing problems, and can nauseate even those with strong stomachs, especially after prolonged exposure. Getting rid of a septic smell in a bathroom can take time and effort, but will be worth it in the long run.

Even the most attractive bathroom can develop a bad smell.

Step 1

Make sure your home does not have an underlying plumbing or septic tank issue that is causing the odor. Call a qualified plumber to examine the home and determine where the septic smell is coming from and whether there is a plumbing backup, drainage or pipe issue that needs to be repaired in order to return your sewage system to proper working order and eliminate the smell. Make any necessary repairs.

Step 2

Turn on the bathroom vents and open the windows. If possible, bring a fan into the bathroom to improve ventilation and help blow out bad smells.

Step 3

Clean the bathroom thoroughly with a scented cleaning product. Make sure to clean drains, vents and around plumbing fixtures. Wash and dry shower curtains and towels that may have absorbed the septic smell.

Step 4

Put a plug-in or stationary air freshener in the bathroom. Get a spray air freshener to spray after using the bathroom or upon entering.

Step 5

Keep your bathroom clean. Avoid throwing trash away in the bathroom or letting it sit for any length of time. Always flush the toilet immediately after use.

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