How to Make a Longboard Surf Chair

Longboard surf chairs are a unique expression of practicality and design and are simple enough to be built by someone with basic woodworking skills. They can be built in various shapes and sizes and are easily customizable. Because no fasteners are used in the chair’s construction, assembly only takes a matter of minutes.

Longboard surf chairs can be used as great decoration pieces because of their unique design.

Step 1

Use the table saw to cut the back piece into the shape of a surf board. Do this by shaping the top of the board into a point and carving a semicircle in the center of the board’s base. This will produce two legs. The point on top should be sanded down and rounded, and the semicircle on the bottom of the board should be no wider than 6 inches and no deeper than 3 inches. The center of the back piece should measure 18 inches in width.

Step 2

Cut a slot in the center of the back piece that is 6-inches wide and 1 1/2 inches long, or approximately the width of the board used for your seat.

Step 3

Cut the seat so that the front resembles the pointed top of the back piece. The seat should be 18-inches wide where it meets the back piece and should protrude 18 inches from the back piece to its tip. The remainder of the seat should be cut inward so that the width of the leg is 1/3 the width of the seat, or approximately 6 inches. Your seat should resemble an arrow with a long tail.

Step 4

Slide the narrow end of your seat through the slot in the middle of the back piece until the tip of your seat rests flush with the back piece.

Step 5

Place your longboard surf chair on a flat surface and enjoy it.

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