DIY Wooden Tripod Lamp

A wooden tripod lamp can be a great addition to any room. Making your own wooden tripod lamp is a fun, simple project, and it will cost just a fraction of the price compared to one purchased from a store. A wooden tripod can be bought online or at a craft store, or you may find one in your own home if you have an old camera tripod you no longer use. Once you have your wooden tripod, you're ready to make a stylish, inexpensive lamp that will light up a room and be a conversation starter.

An old wooden camera tripod is perfect to use when making a lamp.

Step 1

Use super glue to attach a rubber stopper to the bottom of each tripod leg. The rubber stoppers will prevent the legs from scratching wood floors or pulling carpet fibers.

Step 2

Adjust the tripod to the height you want the lamp to be.

Step 3

Drill a 7/16-inch hole through the center of the tripod's top disc to install the threaded post.

Step 4

Cut the threaded post, using scissors, to the length determined by the height of the two washers, the harp base and the top of the disc you just drilled. Add an extra 1/2 inch to the measurement to go into the lamp socket.

Step 5

Install the socket base on the tripod's top disc. Position a washer above and below the tripod's top disc. Leave the top of the socket off until the wiring is installed.

Step 6

Choose a leg along which to run the lamp's wire. Screw the two eyehooks an equal distance apart along the chosen tripod leg.

Step 7

Pull the wire through the eyehooks and into the threaded post. Pull 12 inches of wire through the socket base. Install the wire to the lamp socket. Pull the wire taut through the eyehooks to keep it hidden along the tripod leg.

Step 8

Install the harp and attach the shade with the finial. Screw a 60-watt light bulb into the light socket. Your one-of-a-kind wooden tripod lamp is ready for use.