How to Change the Facade of Your Home Exterior

Your home’s facade welcomes visitors and establishes the style of your home. If it lacks curb appeal, changes to the facade give it an update, with options ranging from simple renovations to a complete overhaul. Establishing a budget and determining the scope of the project before you begin working helps you plan the elements of the facade update. Potential components to change include color, siding material, accents and landscaping, all of which can help improve the curb appeal.

Stone accents change the facade of your home.

Step 1

View your home from various angles and distances, including across the street, to gain a sense of how you want to change it.  Notice the things that stand out -- for both positive and negative reasons -- as a way to determine where to focus your energy and money.

Step 2

Paint the siding if you don't like the color or if the paint is peeling.  Paint the trim and shutters a contrasting color for additional change to the facade.

If the siding is in poor condition, consider replacing it completely. 

Step 3

Add shutters to your home if they don't have them already.  Choose a style and color that match the overall style of your home's facade.

Step 4

Add a section of stone or brick accents on the front of the home.  Stone accents are often used around the garage door, front entrance or on the lower half of the home's front.

Step 5

Hang the same interior blinds or curtains in each window on the front of the home to create a consistent look.  On most homes, the interior window coverings are highly visible from the street.

Variations from window to window take away from the look of your home. 

Step 6

Add a front porch.  If you already have one, update its color and style if it is outdated.

Replace front steps that are cracked or worn. 

Step 7

Replace or paint the front door to highlight your entrance.  Flank the front door with planters as an accent.

Step 8

Tear out overgrown landscaping that hides the front of your home.  Replace the old landscaping with new greenery and flowers that complement the home's new facade.

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