How to Install a GE Washer Shipping Rod

Jon Stefansson

Every General Electric top-load washing machine leaves the factory containing a 19- or 23-inch shipping rod to stabilize the tub and drive platform in transit; some front-loaders may also ship with a stabilization rod. The rod gets removed when the washer is installed in a home; hopefully you kept it in a safe place for keeping until you need it for moving the appliance. Replace the shipping rod if you are moving the washer to a new house or a new location up or down stairs in your home. Leave the rod out if you are simply moving the appliance forward for cleaning or moving it slightly.

Step 1

Disconnect the washing machine's power cord in preparation for moving.

Step 2

Line up the end of the shipping rod with the hole on the right panel as you face the appliance between the front and rear legs.

Step 3

Slide the rod in place carefully. The yellow loop stays outside the appliance.

Step 4

Disconnect the hot and cold water pipes, using a pair of pliers if you need extra purchase to turn the connections. Tuck the pipes inside the washer.

Step 5

Disconnect the drain hose from the standpipe and remove the screw attaching the opposite end to the appliance. Place the hose inside the drum.