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Maytag Side Vent Instructions

Alexander Callos

Maytag is among the more popular brand names of dryers on the market today. These dryers are available in either gas or electric models. Maytag offers many different styles and lines of dryers to suit many users' needs. The side vent is located on the dryer, and removes excess heat and moisture from the house. It helps prevent mold and rot while lowering air-conditioning bills. Installing a side vent is a job any homeowner can accomplish by just following the instructions and having a little bit of patience.

Step 1

Decide on the route of the side vent. Pick a path that is the most direct to the outdoors and will use the fewest number of turns. Find the spot on the outside of the house where the exhaust vent will go. Make sure it is at least 12 inches up from the ground and 12 inches from the side of the house.

Step 2

Mark on the outside of the house where the exhaust vent will go, and cut a hole in the wall with a jigsaw. Move the saw carefully along the outlined area where the exhaust hood will be installed. Install the exhaust hood into the wall and caulk around it to seal it properly.

Step 3

Connect the exhaust vent to the hood with a 4-inch clamp. Stretch the vent out and run it to the dryer location using the shortest route possible. Connect the vent to 45- and 90-degree elbows with clamps, depending on the angle of the turns.

Step 4

Connect the vent to the exhaust outlet in the dryer. Slide it into the dryer and clamp it in place with a 4-inch metal clamp. Follow along the vent and make sure it is secure at all angles and at the exhaust hood. Check to see that it is clamped together tight, and that there are no gaps in between.