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How to Make a Side Vent for an LG Dryer

Cecilia Harsch

LG dryers are manufactured with the blower vented out the rear of the cabinet. Generally this placement will work to vent the exhaust from the dryer in most laundry areas. In some cases, it may be necessary to make the dryer vent from the side of the cabinet, such as when the exhaust vent is on the side wall of the laundry area or space requires you to change the dryer vent configuration. Fortunately, the LG dryer has openings precut into the sides of the dryer, giving you the option to change the venting direction.

Step 1

Disconnect the LG dryer’s power supply cord from the outlet in the wall. Pull the dryer out from the wall to give yourself enough room to access the rear and the side of the LG dryer.

Step 2

Slide a 1 1/2-inch metal putty knife into the horizontal seam between the top and the front panels of the LG dryer. Use the blade of the putty knife to find the two spring clips holding the top panel to the dryer cabinet by sliding the knife along the seam.

Step 3

Push in on the spring clip to release the top panel from the cabinet, and then repeat on the opposite side of the seam. Lift up on the front of the top panel and secure the panel open with a cord, or let it rest against the wall.

Step 4

Open the door to the LG dryer. Remove the two screws from the lower lip of the opening.

Step 5

Find the two screws on the top of the front panel that holds the front panel to the rest of the dryer. Remove these two screws and pull the panel away from the door to expose the wiring harness connecting the door switch to the cabinet.

Step 6

Pull the two sides of the wiring harness apart by squeezing the tabs on the plastic harness with your fingers. Pull the front panel off the dryer and set it aside to access the blower assembly and the dryer duct.

Step 7

Remove the screw on the back of the LG dryer holding the rear exhaust duct. Grab the duct and slide it from the dryer.

Step 8

Reach inside the front of the dryer and press down on the tabs holding the knockout cover to the side of the LG dryer you want to make the dryer vent from.

Step 9

Insert the 11-inch piece of adapter duct from the LG directional vent kit into the blower. The adapter duct has a bracket attached to one end that attaches to the floor of the dryer. Attach the duct to the dryer floor with the screw provided with the vent kit.

Step 10

Attach the duct elbow to the remaining piece of duct from the kit with 4-inch wide duct tape. From inside the dryer, slide the end of the taped-together duct through the side opening in the dryer cabinet. Slide the elbow onto the 11-inch adapter, and tape the elbow to the adapter with duct tape.

Step 11

Cover the duct opening in the rear of the dryer with the cover plate provided with the kit. Use the screw you removed from the original duct to secure the cover plate to the back of the dryer.

Step 12

Reassemble the LG dryer by reversing the process you used to disassemble it. Reconnect the power cord to the dryer outlet in the wall.

Step 13

Slide the dryer into place in the laundry area. Attach a 4-inch dryer duct to the side vent you made. Secure the vent with a vent clamp. Attach the opposite end of the duct to the exhaust vent in the wall. Secure the duct to the exhaust vent with an additional vent clamp.