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How to Properly Size a Roof Vent Turbine

Alexander Callos

A roof vent turbine is a ventilation device installed on top of the roof. It helps vent air in the attic and is powered by the forces of Mother Nature. Roof turbine vents pull air from the attic space when the slightest breeze blows. This helps keep the attic cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. These vents come in various sizes to fit the dimensions of your home. They are not too difficult to install and even easier to use.

  1. Position a ladder on the ground at the location of the turbine roof vent. Climb up to the roof and inspect the turbine vent. Verify it has been properly installed and the base of the vent is covered with shingles so it is secure to the roof.

  2. Wait for a slight breeze and verify the vent is spinning even with the slightest wind. If the vent is not spinning it will need to be replaced with a fully functioning vent.

  3. Position the ladder underneath the soffit. Soffit is located under the eave of the house where the roof overhangs. Inspect the soffit and verify there are vents installed. These vents allow for air to circulate in and out of the attic and meet ventilation requirements for the turbine to work properly.

  4. Measure the square footage of your house and calculate the number of vents necessary for them to work properly. Refer to the chart in the references section for further details. For example, a house that is 1,300 square feet requires two 12-inch wind turbines.