How to Fix a Squeaky Turbine Vent

David Lipscomb

Turbine vents are those ubiquitous devices found on almost every residential rooftop. Designed to maintain steady ventilation to attics, these devices are necessary to prevent mold and excessive heat buildup under the roof. Over time, these vents can become squeaky from moisture and age-related, natural degradation.

Fixing a squeaky turbine vent helps increase operational efficiency.

Fortunately, fixing the squeak is not too hard, allowing you to restore quiet operation of the vent.


Use caution around spinning turbine blades.

  1. Extend your ladder, leaning it against a solid gutter or roof element. Ensure the ladder is situated on a solid, level surface. Recruit a helper if desired.

  2. Locate the turbine vent. Insert a small, wooden dowel to keep the turbine from spinning if it happens to be windy. Find the primary pivot points on each blade, and the center pinion. Saturate the area on and around each point with the silicone lubricant.

  3. Allow the lubricant a few minutes to thoroughly penetrate. Wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

  4. Wipe or spray the lithium grease in the same places where you applied the silicone. The silicone cleans out moisture and corrosion, while the lithium offers longer-term lubrication.

  5. Remove the wooden dowel and allow the turbine to spin, distributing the lubricants more evenly.