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How to Move a Dryer Vent's Hose From the Back to the Side

Nathan McGinty

The vent hose helps a dryer disperse its excess hot air into the atmosphere. Vent hoses are typically attached to dryer vents that lead to the outside. A hose clamp holds the dryer hose in place on the back of the vent. Typically these vents are installed towards the back of the dryer but they can be located just about anywhere as needed. You can move your dryer's vent hose from the back to the side, for example, without much trouble.

You can move the dryer's vent hose.
  1. Unplug the dryer or turn off the power for the circuit where the dryer is installed, at the main switch.

  2. Determine where you want to move the vent hose for your dryer. Make a mark on the inside wall where you want the vent hose to connect to the exhaust vent. Attach a drill bit to your drill. Drill a hole in the center of the mark so the drill goes through to the other side of the wall.

  3. Go to the exterior wall. Hold up the new vent and place it over the hole that you just drilled so the hole is in the center of the vent. Mark around the edges of the circular portion of the exhaust vent with a marker to outline the hole that you need to cut in the wall.

  4. Saw out along the outline of the hole with a keyhole saw. After you've started the cut, attach a blade to the jigsaw and cut around the outline.

  5. File down any rough edges on the cut. Insert the new exhaust vent. Secure it to the exterior wall with the screws.

  6. Loosen the hose clamp holding the exhaust hose to the old vent in the back. Pull the exhaust hose and clamp off the old vent. Slip the exhaust hose over the back of the new vent on the side. Secure it with the clamp.

  7. Restore power to the dryer.