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How to Replace a Ceiling Vent Cover

Tara Dooley

Ceiling vents are where heated or air-conditioned air are pumped into the home. They generally are made of metal and last for years without trouble. However if the vents are opened and closed a lot, they can wear out. If the humidity is high in the area, they can rust.

If this has happened, the vents should be replaced with new ones that look good and function properly.

  1. Take down the old ceiling vent, using a screwdriver. Generally the screws will require a flathead driver, but check to make sure before you get started. Unscrew the vent by turning the driver counterclockwise. Set the screws aside for later use.

  2. Measure the hole in the ceiling as well as the vent cover. Take these dimensions with you to a home improvement store. Select new vents that are the same or larger in dimension. Check the back side of the vent cover to ensure that any interior working will fit the measurements of the hole in the ceiling.

  3. Place the vent up to the ceiling and put it over the hole. Use the screws you removed, or new ones if you prefer, to attach it to the ceiling. If it is a bigger vent, you will need to drill into the drywall to create new holes. Once new holes are created, tap drywall anchors into the holes, and place the vent back over top. Drill the screws into the anchors. There is no need to fill the old holes, as they will be covered by the vent.