How to Replace the Trim Panel on a Bosch Dishwasher

D.C. Winston

Like many dishwasher makers, Bosch provides a trim panel kit designed to give a finished appearance to your appliance after installation, without sacrificing door function. Bosch packages a trim kit made of two or three pieces, depending on your dishwasher model, with each unit, accompanied by the required fastening hardware. Trim panels disguise the gap and access area at the bottom of your dishwasher and soften the appearance of the toe kick transition to your floor. Should the trim panel become damaged and require replacement, you can order the parts from Bosch online (see Resources) or from a certified Bosch dealer.

You can easily install a Bosch dishwasher trim kit.

Step 1

Lean the the lower (slotted) toe kick panel on the floor in front of your dishwasher, face out.

Step 2

Set the upper trim panel on top of the lower toe kick panel with the angled edge facing up to marry with the lower edge of the dishwasher door.

Step 3

Line up the edges of both (now stacked) trim panels precisely with the edges of the dishwasher door.

Step 4

Fasten the lower toe panel to the dishwasher through the predrilled holes in the trim panel and dishwasher frame. Use the two black screws provided with the unit to make this connection.

Step 5

Realign the top trim panel if needed to center it perfectly on the dishwasher frame, pressing it in gently until the front plane of the panel aligns with the dishwasher door face. The trim panel shouldn't jut out beyond the plane of the door.

Step 6

Note the ideal position you discovered in Step 5. Look to see where the metal tabs on the inner edge of the upper trim panel marry up to the slots on the brackets connected to the dishwasher frame.

Step 7

Lift the upper trim panel off and bend the metal brackets at the exact position you noted in the previous step. Bend the proper tab on each side bracket to roughly 90 degrees so it slots into the bracket.

Step 8

Slip the metal tab into the bracket and gently press the upper trim piece onto the frame to secure it invisibly onto the face of the dishwasher.