How to Bleach Delicate Fabric

Delicate fabrics, including silk, wool and many synthetic blends, require special laundering care. While bleach helps keep white fabrics looking white and is useful for stain removal, liquid chlorine bleach is too strong for delicate fabrics and should never be used unless the manufacturer's label states that it is safe. You can safely bleach most delicate fabrics with powdered or oxygen bleach if you use it appropriately.

General Laundering

Some types of bleach can be used to clean delicate fabrics.

Step 1

Add oxygen bleach according to the package instructions to a basin or washing machine filled with warm or hot water. Before using, make sure the package label specifies that the bleach is safe for all fabrics.

Step 2

Add the item to the washing machine or bowl and wash.

Step 3

Rinse completely to remove any traces of bleach. Leftover bleach can damage delicate fabric.

Spot Treatments

Step 1

Place clean cloths on a table or other flat surface. Set your delicate item on top of the cloths, stain side down.

Step 2

Dip another clean towel or cloth in warm water and then in powdered oxygen bleach.

Step 3

Dab the stain with the bleach, working from the outside of the stain to the center of the stain. Continue dabbing until the substance causing the stain has transferred from the delicate fabric to the towels underneath it.

Step 4

Wash and rinse the fabric thoroughly to remove any traces of bleach.