How to Frame a Lattice Panel

Wood lattice panels provide attractive fencing options that add a decorative touch to the landscape while providing privacy. Typically measuring 2-by-8 feet and 4-by-8 feet, the patterned sheets are composed of square or diagonal slats formed from strips of wood. Framing the sheets with wood preserves their structural integrity, improves their future condition and prolongs their life, so they form a lasting fence. A simple box frame is inexpensive and easy to build, using a few basic tools.

Step 1

Measure the width of the lattice panel, or the distance from one top corner to the other top corner, and record the measurement. Also measure the length of the panel, or the vertical distance, and record it. In this example, a 4-by-8-foot lattice panel is framed, but you can alter the measurements to fit the size of your panel.

Step 2

Measure and cut pressure-treated 1-by-4-inch lengths for the frame. In this example, measure and cut two lengths of 1-by-4 to 8 feet and two to 42 inches. A length of 1-by-4 is not 4 inches wide, but actually 3 1/2 inches. By cutting the smaller pieces to 42 inches, you take into account the width of the two longer 2-by-4s placed on their outer edges, so the constructed frame is made to fit for a 4-by-8-foot lattice panel.

Step 3

Lay the two smaller lengths parallel to each other on the ground, with their ends in line with each other. Align the longer pieces just outside of them to create a frame. Square the four lengths so the ends of the shorter ones are between the longer ones.

Step 4

Set a 6-inch flat mending plate over a corner joint on the frame, 1/2 to 3/4 inch inward from the outer edge. Align the plate so it covers the seam between the two boards. Insert 3/4-inch flat-head screws to attach the plate to the frame at the corner. Repeat the process for the other three corners.

Step 5

Set a 3-inch L-shaped corner bracket over a corner joint, 1/2 inch from the inner edge, so it falls lower than the mending plate. Align this bracket so it spans over the seam or joint and secure to the wood with 3/4-inch flat-head screws. Repeat the process for the remaining brackets along the three corners.

Step 6

Turn the frame over to expose its face, not the plates or brackets. Paint the frame and lattice now before installing it over the desired location. Let the paint dry thoroughly for two to three days.

Step 7

Center and lower the lattice panel over the wood frame. Position it so none of its edges fall outside the wood frame.

Step 8

Drive a 1-inch panhead wood screw and washer every four inches along each side of the lattice to secure it to the wood frame.

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