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How to Repaint Driveways

Aurora LaJambre

Repainting a driveway that is showing signs of wear and tear gives the surface a fresh new look. Whether old driveway paint is chipped, flaking or faded, you must remove it in order for a new paint job to look its best. Do-it-yourselfers can complete this project over a few days. Be sure to pay as much attention to preparing the surface as you do applying the paint.

Paint can add visual interest to a grey concrete driveway.

Step 1

Power-wash the driveway with a power washer and scrub brush to remove loose dirt and stains.

Step 2

Stir paint stripper with a wood stirrer and pour it into a painter’s tray. Dip a paint roller into the tray, roll it to saturate the roller, then roll the paint stripper over the driveway. Read the product instructions and let it set for the specified time.

Step 3

Screw a long handle on to a paint scraper and scrape the old paint from the surface. Push the chips of paint into piles and use a shovel to dump them into a trash bag.

Step 4

Power-wash the driveway again to remove off any remaining chips of paint and to rinse the paint stripper.

Step 5

Pour concrete sealer or asphalt sealer into a clean paint tray. Saturate the roller in the tray and apply the sealer to the driveway. The sealer will fill in any small cracks so the new coat of paint will go on smooth and even.

Step 6

Paint the edges of the driveway first, using a paint roller. Roll in a couple of feet. Use an exterior paint made for your driveway's surface. For example, urethane-based driveway paint adheres to concrete and offers durability in harsh weather conditions. Epoxy acrylic paints resist fading and peeling, and you can clean it with soap and water.

Step 7

Use a paint sprayer to paint the interior surface of the driveway. Start at one end and work methodically to the other end. Wait a few hours for the first coat to dry before applying the second. Block off the entrance and allow the paint to set for two days before driving on it.