How to Add a Handrail to Garage Steps

Lanh Ma

Adding a handrail to the garage steps is a simple project that requires some experience with woodworking, but one that adds value to the home, while giving your garage a more finished look. Install a handrail by mounting it to the studs in the wall by the stairs.

A handrail allows an extra degree of safety when climbing the stairs.

Step 01

Locate the studs in the wall by the garage steps using a stud finder, and mark the locations with a pencil. This is where you will mount the brackets to ensure maximum stability.

Step 11

Stand at the foot of the steps and reach for where you expect the handrail to be and mark that height with a pencil.

Step 21

Measure the distance from the floor to the place you marked on the wall in Step 2 using a measuring tape. This is one place where you will be mounting a bracket.

Step 31

Measure up the wall from the steps in two or three locations going up the stairs, lining them up with the stud marks you made in Step 1. This indicates where your additional brackets will be.

Step 41

Mount the brackets to the wall using screws and an electric drill. You need at least three brackets for a secure fit, and you can use more for extra security.

Step 51

Measure the distance that you want the handrail to cover from the bottom of the stairs to the top.

Step 61

Cut a handrail that matches the measurement you found in Step 6 using a bandsaw.

Step 71

Bevel both ends to a 45-degree angle for a finished look using a bandsaw.

Step 81

Paint and stain your handrail if necessary. Some handrails come pre-stained and painted.

Step 91

Mount the handrails to the brackets using screws and an electric drill.