DIY: Gazebo Covers

Having a replacement gazebo cover around is wise, as gazebo covers are often exposed to the elements and can fall into disrepair. Buying a gazebo cover can be expensive, costing upwards of one hundred dollars or more. A more frugal gazebo owner may want to consider making his own gazebo cover out of canvas and thread. The time it takes to make your own cover can be expedited if you still have your old one around to mimic the measurements.

Your gazebo may require a new cover.

Step 1

Obtain canvas or an outdoor fabric from an online vendor or your local fabric store, making sure it's the appropriate size. Lay your original gazebo cover over the fabric. Use a thin-tipped marker to trace the edges on the fabric.

Step 2

Take note of the measurements of the gazebo top if you don't have the original cover around. Mark these measurements onto the fabric. Add two inches to the width and length for overhang. Cut the fabric with fabric shears.

Step 3

Fold the overhand into a one-inch hem all the way around the cover. Hold the hem down with sewing pins. Sew in the hem with a sewing machine.

Step 4

Stitch a leather cord long enough to tie around the gazebo beams. Install the finished gazebo cover onto the gazebo. Make adjustments if the cover doesn't quite fit.

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