How to Adjust the Torsion Springs on an Awning

RV campers often feature an outside awning that provides shade and protection from sun and rain over an outside table or bench. The awning can be adjusted to various lengths depending on how large or small the area you wish to shade. The torsion springs of the awning control the length of the awning and consist of the spring, cap and cam lock assembly.

Step 1

Release the travel locks on the awning arms by positioning the cam lock to the roll-down setting.

Step 2

Clamp a pair of vice grips onto the top of the awning. Place small pieces of rubber between the vice grips and awning if you want to prevent scratching on the metal surface.

Step 3

Remove the 7/16-inch bolt holding the awning tube to the awning arm. Remove the cotter pin from both end caps that locks the spring tension in place. Unwind the spring using the arm bar as a lever and adjust to your desired position.

Step 4

Insert the cotter pins back into the end caps and spring tension. Position the cam lock to the lock position.