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How to Construct a Base to Elevate My Refrigerator

Jack Burton

Refrigerators are sized to meet the needs of average people, but some people and some situations are not average. If your refrigerator needs to sit on a base to bring it up to a higher level, knocking one together out of inexpensive lumber takes minimal carpentry skill, as you don't have to account for shear, or sideways pressure.

Use the leveler legs on the refrigerator to ensure that it remains level on the base.

Step 1

Measure the width and depth of your refrigerator and write down the numbers. The steps are based on a refrigerator with a depth of 33 inches and a width of 30 inches. The size of your refrigerator may vary greatly.

Step 2

Saw two 30-inch and four 33-inch pieces from the wood studs. Lay the 30-inch studs down on the 2-inch side, parallel with one another. Lay two of the 33-inch pieces down between them, forming a simple rectangle with the stud pieces.

Step 3

Screw one of the 2-1/2-inch screws 1/2 an inch down from the end and centered in the 30-inch board. Keep screwing until the head is flush against the board and the threads are 1 inch deep into the butt end of the adjoining 33-inch stud. You may find it helpful to first drill a starter hole through both pieces of wood before starting the screw.

Step 4

Screw each of the other three corners of the rectangle together in like fashion. These are called butt joints, which are considered the easiest but weakest of all joints. Because there won't be any side-to-side pressure on them, it makes no difference how weak they are.

Step 5

Place the two remaining 33-inch pieces of wood in the interior of the rectangle, forming a ladder-like frame. Screw the studs into the frame with a 2-1/2-inch screw from the outside of the frame into the butt end of the stud on both sides. This is a simple box frame that is the foundation of your base.

Step 6

Remeasure the base and mark down the width and depth. It should match or be just slightly larger than the width and depth of your refrigerator.

Step 7

Cut your plywood to the size of the base foundation. Set the plywood on top of the base, and square it up so that the corners of the foundation match the corners of the plywood. Screw three 1-inch screws 1/2 an inch in along each of the four edges of the plywood and down into the studs. Use the wood drill first to create a pilot hole if this makes it easier for you to set the screws. These 12 screws hold the plywood tightly to the foundation.

Step 8

Cover the base as you desire, using paint, carpet or other material.