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How to Replace Bearings in a Frigidaire Stacked Washer

Amanda Flanigan

A stackable Frigidaire washing machine allows you to have a washer and dryer, even when space is too limited for the two appliances to rest side-by-side. The dryer sets on top of the washer, utilizing height instead of width. As with any other washing machine, the bearings can become worn and require replacing after years of use. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and a few tools, you can replace the bearings yourself. Always check with the stackable washing machine warranty before attempting any repairs. Repairing the washing machine without an approved repair technician may void its warranty.

Stackable washers and dryers function the same as side-by-side models.

Step 1

Unplug the stackable washer and dryer combo from the wall outlet. Shut off the water pipes, then remove the water hoses. Locate the screws behind the washer-dryer combo that attach the two units together. Remove these screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 2

Lift the dryer carefully off the washing machine and set it aside. The dryer is heavy and you may need help in moving it safely from the top of the washing machine.

Step 3

Unscrew the several screws holding the top and back panels on the back of the washer with a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the weight located on the back of the drum by loosening the screws and sliding it out.

Step 4

Slip the drive belt carefully off and set it out of the way. Use a utility knife to cut the wire tie securing the motor whiles together. Unplug the motor and let the wires hang down toward the bottom of the washer.

Step 5

Locate the four bolts that secure the motor and remove them with a socket wrench. Carefully lift the loosen motor out of the cabinet and set to the side. Locate the rubber drain trap, which is typically to the right. Loosen the screw securing the trap and remove it from the washer.

Step 6

Find the snap rings that secure the water level sensor to the washer. Apply pressure to the snap rings until they loosen their grip on the water level sensor and you can set this sensor to the side. Gently pull the water level switch hose off.

Step 7

Disconnect the connectors that are attached to the control board of the motor. Disconnect the connector that is attached to the pump motor. Remove the screws that are holding the motor control board and pump motor in place. Move the board and motor out of the washer cabinet.

Step 8

Press in on the lock tabs to release the shock pins. Slide the pins out of the washer tub and remove the shocks. Place pieces of wood underneath the drum to support the drum weight. Disconnect the tubs running from the top part of the outer tank.

Step 9

Remove the glue near the seal on the front panel by carefully scrapping it with a utility knife. Pry the holder clip off. The washer drum will now hang from a set of springs.

Step 10

Remove the clip holders securing the drum to the springs. Lift one corner of the drum up and toward the center before lowering the drum. This will disconnect the spring frame from the drum. Repeat this on the other corner of the drum. Let the drum rest on the wood supports.

Step 11

Remove the drum from the rear of the cabinet. The Frigidaire washer cabinet should be empty. Place the drum face first on a blanket spread out on the floor.

Step 12

Remove the screws that hold the drums two halves together. Pull the top half off the bottom half and set next to each other. Remove the inner tub from the outer drum by lifting it up and out.

Step 13

Saturate the bolt securing the old bearing to the inner tub with lubricant. After several minutes have past, remove the bearing with a socket wrench. Wipe the inner tub clean with paper towels. Place the new tub bearing in the inner tub. Push the bearing into place until it is flush with the tub.

Step 14

Assemble the stacked Frigidaire washer.