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How to Fix a Crack in the Outer Tub of a Whirlpool Washer

Amanda Flanigan

A leaky Whirlpool washing machine with a crack in the outer tub will not function properly. In addition, the leaking wash water will cause water damage to the floor, leading to wood rot. More than likely the outer tub needs to be replaced but you can try to patch the crack for a quick, temporary fix. However, if the Whirlpool washing machine is still under warranty, do not try fixing the hole yourself. Doing so may void the washing machine’s warranty.

For best results follow the washing machine’s manufactures recommended usage.

Step 1

Unplug the washing machine from the power source. Turn the breaker off that is connected to the washing machine if the appliance is hardwired into the electric.

Step 2

Slide a putty knife between the washer cabinet and lid at the corner of the washer where the spring catch is. Press the knife against the catch while lifting up on the lid with our free hand.

Step 3

Press the tub ring clips located on the top of the tub ring. Remove the tub rug out of the washer and set it aside.

Step 4

Twist the cap off the agitator to expose the attachment nut securing the agitator to the drive shaft. Remove this nut with a socket wrench and lift the agitator off the drive shaft.

Step 5

Press one side of the inner tub against the out tub and lightly tap the spanner nut wrench attached to the drive shaft with a hammer for several seconds until you free the spanner nut.

Step 6

Remove the spanner nut from the drive shaft. Lift the inner tub out of the washer and set it aside.

Step 7

Locate the crack in the outer tub and wipe the surface around the crack clean with a damp, soapy cloth. Rinse the soapy water off the surface and wipe it dry with a towel.

Step 8

Cover a piece of rubber that is a few inches larger than the crack with brown glue. Put the rubber -- glue side down -- against the crack inside the outer tub. Press the rubber against the surface with your fingertips and hold it in place for several seconds.

Step 9

Wait 24 hours before reassembling the washing machine. Wait another 24 to 48 hours before using the washer.