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How to Remove a Kenmore Elite HE4T Front Panel With a Pedestal

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

The Kenmore Elite HE4T is a Whirlpool-manufactured, residential, front-loading washing machine with multiple cleaning cycles and a large-capacity wash basket. Kenmore offers a pedestal accessory for the washer that raises its height by 15 1/2 inches, eliminating the need for bending or stooping. If the washer malfunctions, it may be necessary to remove the front panel to troubleshoot the appliance's internal components. The process for removing the front panel of a Kenmore Elite HE4T is the same regardless of whether or not the washer sits on a pedestal.

Step 1

Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet to prevent electrical injury. Turn off the valve that supplies the water to the appliance.

Step 2

Move the washer and pedestal forward 2 to 3 feet. Reach behind the appliance and remove the three T-20 Torx screws from the rear edge of the top washer panel. Lift the panel off the appliance, and set it to the side.

Step 3

Unplug the ribbon connector from the central control unit on the back of the washer control console. Press the release tab at the back of the detergent drawer, and slide the drawer from its housing. Remove the recessed screw on the left side of the control console.

Step 4

Press the release tab that secures the right side of the console to the washer cabinet. Open the washer door, and insert a small flat-head screwdriver into the slot at the bottom of the control console. Apply upward pressure with the screwdriver while pulling the control console away from the washer cabinet.

Step 5

Examine the perimeter of the tub seal to locate the retainer spring. Pull the edge of the retainer spring with a pair of needle-nose pliers to loosen the retaining wire. Remove the retaining wire from the tub seal.

Step 6

Peel the rubber tub seal away from the edges of the door opening. Fold the tub seal back inside the washer.

Step 7

Remove the three T-20 Torx screws from the door switch assembly on the right-hand side of the door opening. Lift the assembly up slightly, and pull it from its housing. Detach the wires from the back of the door switch assembly; pull on the plastic wiring connector, not the wires themselves.

Step 8

Take out the three hex-head screws on the bottom edge of the washer's toe panel. Lift the panel up, and remove it from the washer cabinet.

Step 9

Locate the four corner hex-head screws securing the front panel to the sides of the washer cabinet. Remove the screws, and pull the front panel away from the appliance.