How to Install a Lithonia Lighting Fluorescent Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

Lithonia Lighting specializes in fluorescent fixtures, light-emitting diode fixtures and high-intensity discharge lighting for both commercial and residential applications.
Its flush mount and semi-flush mount fixtures, designed for residential use, give you the decorative lighting you want for your home combined with energy-saving fluorescent bulbs. Replace your existing lighting fixtures by installing a Lithonia Lighting fluorescent semi-flush mount ceiling fixture anywhere in your home. The fixture will not only brighten the area, but save you money.

Step 1

Turn off the breaker supplying electrical power to the location where you intend to install the Lithonia Lighting fluorescent semi-flush mount ceiling fixture.

Step 2

Hold a non-contact voltage sensor next to the black wire inside the electrical box in the ceiling. The sensor lights up if it senses electrical current flowing through the line, and it remains dark when no electricity is present.

Step 3

Attach the fixture crossbar with the two 8-32 by 1-inch screws provided with the fixture. The crossbar is a thin metal piece about 4 inches long and 1 inch wide, and it has several holes and slots cut into it. The crossbar also has a green ground screw attached to it. Ensure this ground screw faces away from the electrical box.

Step 4

Thread the 1 3/4-inch threaded nipple, provided with the fixture, into the center hole on the crossbar. Turn the nipple clockwise until you have installed at least 1/4 inch of the nipple into the crossbar.

Step 5

Assemble the Lithonia Lighting semi-flush mount fixture. The assembly instruction varies depending on the fixture design. Regardless of the assembly, each fixture will attach to the ceiling with a canopy.

Step 6

Thread the black and white electrical wires connected to the back of the fixture pan though the hollow pipe or pipes that attach to the canopy. Secure the fixture pan to the pipe or pipes with the lock washers and hex nuts provided with the fixture.

Step 7

Wrap the bare copper wire from inside the electrical box around the ground screw on the crossbar. Tighten the green screw until the wire is secure.

Step 8

Connect the black fixture wire from the canopy to the black wire inside the electrical box. Twist a wire connector onto the two black wires to secure them together. Connect the white fluorescent fixture wire to the white wire from the box with another wire connector.

Step 9

Thread the canopy onto the nipple attached to the crossbar. Secure the canopy to the electrical box and the ceiling with the decorative finial provided with the semi-flush fixture.

Step 10

Install the fluorescent light bulb supplied with the light fixture. Lithonia Lighting always supplies the first bulb for the fixture. Check the specific fluorescent bulb requirements printed on the pan if you obtained the fixture second-hand.

Step 11

Attach the light shade to the pan. Again, depending on the fixture design, the way the shade attaches to the fixture varies.

Step 12

Turn on the breaker to supply electricity to your new Lithonia Lighting fixture.

Things You Will Need

  • Non-contact voltage sensor
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire connectors
  • Fluorescent bulb

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