How to Build Brick Quoining

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Brick quoining is an attractive way to add detail to the corners of your brick structure. It is not a difficult project if you are familiar with brick laying techniques. The quoining gives the appearance of cornerstones found in many older buildings or those with unusual architectural features. The quoining is often done with bricks that are a slightly different color than the others to make the detail stand out even more in the structure. Some people use quoins only in one area, while others incorporate them at intervals up the length of the corner of the building.

Brick quoins add an attractive architectural feature.

Step 1

Draw a design of how you want your brick quoining in the corners of the structure.

Step 2

Count the number of bricks you need to cut in half.

Step 3

Put on protective work gloves and safety goggles. Cut the bricks in half with a circular saw and a masonry blade.

Step 4

Apply mortar with a trowel onto a half brick wherever you want the quoining, then set the brick into the course. This leaves a space to place the brick quoins, thus adding decor and additional support to the corners.

Step 5

Lay all the standard and half bricks. Apply additional mortar to the backside, end sections, top and bottom of the quoins, then add the quoins to the corners.

Step 6

Push the quoins into place and scrape the excess mortar off with the trowel.