How to Make a Fairy Garden out of a Broken Pot

Jessica Begum

Turn broken garden pots into something a little more magical by making a fairy garden! It’s easy to do, and will add a little wonder to a small space in your garden or on your patio. And, what fun it will be for your little ones to stumble upon an enchanted mini world! If you build it, the fairies will come.

What You'll Need

Fairy Garden.

Step 1


Make a fairy garden from broken pots, potting soil, succulents and a handful of fairy trinkets.

Step 2

Arrange Pots

Begin by arranging broken pots. You can make different levels in your fairy garden with smaller pot pieces wedged inside larger pieces. Secure by adding potting soil as you go. Break larger pieces into workable sizes with a hammer.

Step 3

Add Potting Soil

Next, move pots to their final location and completely fill with potting soil. It is best to water them and let sit a day or two to settle. Then add more soil. Pack down firmly.

Step 4

Plant Succulents

Now plant your succulents. Make a hole in the soil with a pencil, and then stick the end of the succulents in about a half inch deep. Cover base with more soil. Keep growth in mind when planting and add taller plants in the back and cascading plants up front. Create a “lawn” for your fairies to play on by planting low growing moss on the flat packed surfaces.

Step 5

Add Stepping Stones

Create stepping stones up the steep slopes with decorative rocks and smaller pieces of broken pot.

Step 6

Add Fairy Furniture

Finally, personalize the fairy space with some tiny furniture, a ladder and playground equipment. You can find handmade fairy furniture on Etsy, or make your own using small twigs, twine and a hot glue gun. You can also use doll furniture.

Step 7

Finished Fairy Garden

Add gemstones, little houses, decorative mushrooms, little mirrors or whatever inspires you. Happy fairy hunting!