DIY Office Makeover From Drab to Fab

Jenny Kim

Whether it’s in a corporate office or a workspace at home, there are projects big and small that can jazz up a humdrum station.

It’s not exactly breaking news that a creative workspace affects productivity and how you feel. Whether it’s in a corporate office or a workspace at home, there are projects big and small that can jazz up any humdrum station.

1. China Hutch Office Command Center

An unused China hutch is repurposed into a functional command center with surprisingly simple changes like drawer dividers, a cork board, and brass pipes.

2. Reupholstered Office Chair

The thought of reupholstering might have DIY newbies running for the door, but there’s no need to be intimidated. This particular project is unbelievably easy (no sewing!) yet adds major personality to your workspace.

3. Fabric Memo Board

Give your boring board the boot and create a pretty place to tack on your to-do lists and quotes of inspiration. The addition of nailheads amps up the sophistication factor.

4. Fabric Art

Leftover fabric is given new life as hanging art. Add an instant pop of color to your office with this project, which works especially well if you don’t have the advantage of a window-facing desk. Make one big statement or layer several like-minded patterns.

5. Wooden Bookends

Create one-of-a-kind bookends for your collection of tomes. This geometric design is not only great at doing its job and making sure books don’t topple over, but it’s also a sculptural objet on its own.

6. Resin Paperweight

With a little bit of patience, you can easily make these chic resin paperweights. Like little ice blocks for your documents, they add just the right amount of oomph to your desk.

7. Faux Succulent Pen Planter

This brilliant idea is perfect for all the black thumbs out there. With just a few faux succulents and pens, you can arrange a real-looking planter that also doubles as a tool for doodling taking notes.

8. Mid-Century Desk

Purchasing a mid-century modern style desk can set you back a good $500. But all you need is one afternoon to transform a basic (and cheap) IKEA table top into the desk of your dreams, complete with a cork trivet attached to a backer board for memos.

9. Modern Desk Organizer

Nothing's more annoying (and concentration-dissolving) than having paper clips and push pins strewn carelessly around your desk. Solve that mess with a clean-cut organizer that corrals all of those tiny office supplies into easy-access compartments.

10. Gilded Oyster Shell Organizer

If you're more the glam bohemian type, you can use oyster shells from your last beach trip to house your office supplies. They're unbelievably easy to make and they certainly make boring clips and pins look a lot more appealing!