How to Refill a Propane Tank

Propane gas is what powers those amazing barbecues that we all enjoy.

When the gas runs out, refill the propane tank instead of replacing it. This is usually less expensive, especially if there is a propane filling station in your town. Read on to learn more. .

Locate propane filling stations nearby by searching your local yellow pages. Consider local convenience and hardware stores as well.

Call the station to make sure it refills consumer propane tanks. Some companies only handle commercial sales. Check first.

Drive to the station. Remove the propane tank from your car, and carry it to the attendant. If this station is in a convenience store, go inside without the tank and let the clerk know you need assistance with refilling your propane tank.

Watch the attendant refill your tank. Stay a safe distance away. Propane gas is under a lot of pressure, so follow the attendant's instructions carefully. You can't refill the tank yourself because of the associated dangers.

Take your propane tank from the attendant once he refills it for you. Place it back in your car in a secure position. Pay for the service.


  • You can also replace your propane tank each time you need propane by taking your propane tank to any location that offers this service. Advise the clerk that you want to exchange your tank for a full, new one. You can leave your old tank at the location after buying the new one.