How to Check Refrigerator Temperatures

Check refrigerator temperatures when you have had one too many glasses of luke warm milk or a bottle of beer. If you're tired of food that isn't quite chilled to your liking, it may be time to check to make sure your refrigerator is cooling properly. For best results, observe refrigerator temperatures over a few days.

  1. Get a refrigerator/freezer appliance thermometer to use to test the temperatures.

  2. Place the thermometer in a glass of water. Put the glas of water on the refrigerator's middle shelf. Leave the water glass alone for 5 to 8 hours.

  3. Check the temperature. If it's not between 38 and 40 Degrees F, adjust the refrigerator's temperature either colder or warmer.

  4. Leave the glass sit another 5 to 8 hours and check the glass again.

  5. Remove the thermometer from the glass of water once the correct temperature is achieved. Leave the thermometer in the refrigerator.

  6. Check the thermometer occasionally to make sure it is at least 40 Degrees F or below.

  7. Move the thermometer to different areas of the refrigerator once in awhile to check that the air temperature in all parts of the appliance is below 40 Degrees F.


  • If you're temperatures don't stay consistent, your refrigerator may be low on coolant or getting to old to handle environmental temperature changes around it.

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