How to Build an A-Frame Porch Swing

How to Build an A-Frame Porch Swing. A-frame swings are a terrific addition to any porch or patio. They provide hours of pleasure. With some simple instructions and a basic understanding of woodworking, you can build an A-frame porch swing of your own. Build your A-frame porch swing to suit your style and needs and you'll have a treasure to enjoy for years.

Step 1

Research the variety of A-framed porch swing plans available.  Determine which set and what size porch swing you'd like to build.

Step 2

Cut four of the 4x4's to length and add the A-frame brackets.  Join the ends to create two basic "V" shapes.

Step 3

Saw the 2x4's to size and secure them across the middle of your "V," creating the "A" shaped forms that will hold your porch swing. 

Step 4

Secure the A-frames to the last 4x4.  This is the bar that your swing will hang from.

Step 5

Add the porch swing bolts that came with your A-frame brackets.  Measure your swing and place those bolts so the swing will be centered within the A-frame you've built.

Step 6

Secure the porch swing chains to the bolts in order to to hang the swing from the A-frame. 

Step 7

Place your A-frame porch swing in the location of your choice.  If placing your A-frame porch swing directly onto the lawn, you'll want to stain or paint the A-frame porch swing to protect it from deterioration. Make sure the swing is level for safety. 

Things You Will Need

  • 5 4x4 posts
  • 2 sets of A-frame brackets
  • 4 2x4 posts
  • Drill
  • Paint

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