How to Replace Burners on a Propane BBQ

How to Replace Burners on a Propane BBQ. The burning elements on the average propane BBQ grill last for about 3 years, depending upon the materials the burners are made of, how often you use your grill and the type of climate you live in. Whether you choose to replace the burners with identical parts, or upgrade to a fancier and more durable type of burner, your cooking results will definitely improve.

Step 1

Inspect the current burners on your propane BBQ grill to determine whether it is time to replace them.  Check for corrosion along the tube, enlarged holes or caked-on grease deposits that will not come off with scrubbing.

Step 2

Check the owner's manual of your propane BBQ grill for the exact part number of the replacement burners.  At this time, you will need to decide whether you want to upgrade to a higher quality burner that will last longer and hold up to more abuse, or if you want to stick with the same replacement burner. The owner's manual should provide specific information regarding your replacement options. 

Step 3

Remove the old burners from your propane BBQ.  Most burners can be removed from the grill with a simple tug, while others may be attached with hardware. Check your owner's manual for the correct procedure to follow when removing old burners and installing new ones. 

Step 4

Check the connector piece where the burner is attached to the rest of the grill.  Ensure that the connector is clean, without any cracks, holes or excessive grease deposits. Clean thoroughly with hot water and soap before installing the new burners. 

Step 5

Insert the new burning elements into the connectors, again using your owner's manual as a guide.  You may want to wash the new elements in soap and water before use to remove any residue that might have occurred during the manufacturing process. Test the new burner to see that there is a snug fit, and that you have ordered the right type of burners to replace the old ones. 

Step 6

Test the new burners by turning the valve on your propane tank, and listening for the sound of escaping gas along the new burners. 

Things You Will Need

  • Replacement burners

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