How to Change the Blade on a Table Saw

Knowing how to change the blade on a table saw is important because of the many types of uses for a table saw. Different blades are required for different usages. For example, there are rip blades, smooth-cutting blades and dado blades.

  1. Think safety first when you start to change the blade on a table saw. Make sure the power cord is unplugged or the breaker is cut off. Check the switch on your table saw to make sure that it will not come on before you begin.

  2. Remove the blade guard. This is normally held down by two screws, one in the front and one in the back. Remove the screws and set the blade guard aside. With the guard removed, now you see the complete blade, the motor arbor, washers and the arbor nut that holds the blade securely.

  3. Change the blade on a table saw by using a scrap piece of wood to keep the blade from turning as you loosen the nut. Push the wood against the teeth of the blade. Now, place the wrench on the arbor nut. Pull it forward to loosen the nut. Unscrew the nut off of the arbor. Remove the outside washer and slide the blade off.

  4. Put the new blade on your table saw. Make sure the cutting edge of the teeth of the table saw blade is facing the front of the table saw. Replace the arbor washer. Screw the nut on hand-tight. Place your scrap piece of wood on the backside of your table saw blade. While applying pressure to the saw blade, finish tightening the nut with your wrench turning in the clockwise position.

  5. Reinstall the blade guard. Turn the power back on to your table saw. Turn the table saw on. Look at the blade and see if it's running true.

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