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How to Start a Homelite Chainsaw

R.L. Cultrona

Homelite makes several products used for lawn care including hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and chainsaws. Homelite offers two lines of chainsaws, gas-powered, for ease of maneuverability, and electric, with which you need not worry about mixing and handling gasoline. The two types of chainsaws are started in different ways because they use different types of motors.


A chainsaw rotates a cutting chain around a shaft to provide maximum cutting power.
  1. Open the oil reservoir cap on top of the chainsaw. Fill the oil reservoir with chain saw lubricant.

  2. Plug the male end of the extension cord into a power outlet. Locate the two handles on the saw, the top and rear one. Make a loop with the female end and push it through the opening in the rear chainsaw handle. Hook the loop over the extension cord holder in the rear chainsaw handle, and plug the saw into the remaining end of the extension cord.

  3. Place your left hand on the handle on top of the saw. Grab the rear handle with your right hand and press in the switch lockout button with your right thumb. The lockout button is located on the left side of the saw when facing away from you, next to the rear handle. Hold down the trigger with the remaining fingers of your right hand to start saw operation. (The lockout trigger is designed to be pushed by your right hand.)


  1. Mix the gasoline and the 2-cycle lubricant in a clear container in a 50:1 ratio. For example, mix 2.6 oz. of lubricant into every gallon of gasoline.

  2. Open the gas tank on the side of the chainsaw by unscrewing the gas cap. Place a funnel into the gas tank, and fill the tank up with the gasoline/lubricant mixture. Replace the gas cap.

  3. Open the oil tank, located on the opposite side of the chainsaw from the gas tank. Fill the oil tank with chain saw lubricant.

  4. Place the chainsaw on level ground. Set the ignition switch to "run." Pull back the chain brake, located on the top of the chainsaw, to the "run" position (vertically) with your left hand. Press the primer bulb, located on the back of the chainsaw, seven times.

  5. Step on the rear handle to keep the chainsaw in place. Pull the choke lever, located underneath the ignition switch, all the way out. Pull the starter cord three times to get the engine revving. Push the choke lever to the "run" position, and squeeze the trigger on the rear handle with your right hand to start the chainsaw.