What Is the Difference Between 2094 & 2095 Jonsered Chainsaws?

Bob Haring

Jonsered is a Swedish manufacturer of chain saws. It offers a couple of dozen models, both gasoline and electric powered, but is most noted for its heavy duty gasoline saws. The company dates to 1834, and it began making wood processing equipment in the 1880s. Today, it owns several chain saw patents, has 20 factories in 10 countries (including the United States), sells in 60 countries and has 6,000 dealers worldwide.

Saw models are similar

The models 2094 and 2095 chainsaws are similar in size and operation. Both have a bar-tip sprocket in addition to the main drive sprocket. Both have automatic oilers which you can adjust with a screw in the bottom of the saw. The factory, however, adjusts oilers, designed so fuel and oil tanks will either run out at the same time or the fuel will empty first, to avoid running a saw with a dry chain.

Compression release differed

The main difference in the two model is that the 2095 included a compression release; the 2094 initially did not, although later production runs included that feature. The compression release feature regulates compression in the chainsaw engine. The amount of compression affects the burning of the fuel and the pressure exerted on the piston.

Oilers are different

The engine's crankshaft drives the automatic oiler on the 2094 . In the 2095, the main sprocket drives the oiler. The sprocket is the star-shaped piece inside the bar cover which drives the chain.

Different throttle controls

The other difference in the two models is the throttle control. The 2094 has a cable to connect the throttle control on the saw handle to the throttle valve on the carburetor. The 2095 uses a mechanical linkage for the same purpose.