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Instructions for Stihl MS170 Chainsaw

Gail Delaney

Stihl makes a variety of different models of chain saws, including the MS 170. The Stihl MS 170 chain saws work well for people who use their chain saws occasionally. This model is lightweight but packed with enough power for residential dwellers who want to cut and trim small trees, cut firewood or clean up after the storms.

If you need firewood or have trees to trim, then Stihl chain saws can make the job easier.
  1. Remove the scabbard. This is the plastic piece that covers the chain saw blade.

  2. Fill the gas tank with a mixture of 50:1 ratio of gasoline and Stihl oil. Pour the Stihl oil in a container and then add the gasoline. Tightly close the lid and vigorously shake the two to incorporate them. Pour this in the gas tank.

  3. Lock the chain by pushing the front hand guard forward. This is the chain brake to keep the chain from moving.

  4. Press the decompression valve button. This will open the decompression valve, but it will close again when the engine starts. This will relieve some of the compression pressure when starting your Stihl chain saw, and reduce the amount of effort to pull the starter rope.

  5. Press the down trigger interlock while simultaneously squeezing the throttle trigger. Set the choke slide control to "Cold start."

  6. Place the Stihl chain saw on level ground or other surface. Put your right foot in the side handle at the end of the chain saw to hold the chain saw firmly on the ground. Also, look at the bar and the chain. They should not touch the ground or any obstacle.

  7. Position your left hand on the front handle, keeping your thumb under the handle. The front handle is the handle behind the front handle guard.

  8. Pull the starter rope slowly with your right hand until you feel a resistance.

  9. Briskly pull the starter rope straight up. Do this several times until the engine starts briefly. When pulling the starter rope, do not pull it out all the way, because this can break your rope. Also, never allow the rope to snap back inside the chamber. Guide it in slowly, in a vertical position.

  10. Open the choke. Set the slide control to the "Half-throttle" position, if the engine starts but stops immediately.

  11. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until the engine starts.

  12. Remove your foot from the handle and blip the throttle trigger with your right index finger. Do this as soon as the engine starts running. Automatically, the master control lever will move into the "Run" position.

  13. Lift the chain saw off the ground with your left hand. Do not press the throttle trigger.

  14. Release the chain brake by pulling it toward you with your left hand. A click sound means that you have freed the chain and it will now move freely on the guide bar. Keep a tight hold on the front handle with your left hand to prevent injury when the blade starts moving.

  15. Check the chain lubrication by pointing the blade of the chain saw toward the ground over a white piece of paper or tree stump. Fully squeeze the throttle. If you see oil spots on the paper or stump, then the chain is lubricated enough and you can cut wood.