How to Clean Up a Messy Bedroom Quickly

Learn how to quickly clean a messy bedroom and how to prevent everyday clutter with the correct accessories.

When company unexpectedly comes calling and your home is anything but guest-friendly, you had better start cleaning. Pick up the kitchen and the living areas, but don't neglect your bedroom. Whether you're using the bedroom to store guests' jackets, as a guest room, or for entertaining; a clean bedroom will, at least, ensure a good night's sleep.

Make Your Bed

Make an impressive impact by cleaning the room's biggest item first. Make your bed. Pull the cover sheet tight and make sure that the mattress is covered before pulling the top sheet. Fluff the pillows and ensure that the pillowcases completely cover the pillows and fluff the duvet cover or comforter. Make the bed look neat by tucking any long sheets or blankets under the duvet cover.


You should wash your sheets [every week](http://www.allyou.com/budget-home/organizing-cleaning/washing-guidelines/wash-bed-sheets) to remove sweat, dust and other debris.

A Clean Sweep

Now, move onto the other clutter. Sort through the clothing that has amassed in your bedroom. Most jackets, sweaters and jeans can be worn several times between washings. Fold or hang those items and put them back where they belong. Dirty clothes should be tossed in a covered, but well-ventilated hamper.


Putting your clothes away when you get home every day cuts down on weekly clutter and cleaning time.

Pick Up the Pieces

Start at the right of the bed and make your way clockwise around the room picking up the clutter. For rooms with a large amount of clutter, bring a covered decorative bin that you toss everything into. However, make plans to sort through that clutter later. For rooms with a small amount of clutter, put items away as you go. Hang neckties on hangers, place jewelry in the jewelry box, and put any medication bottles in the nightstand drawer or medicine cabinet.


Stash your paper recycling in a decorative basket on the floor near your bedroom door. Empty that basket once a week to keep paper clutter at bay.

Dust Yourself Off

Grab a duster or dust rag and dust the tops of your bedroom furniture and the windowsills. Also dust your computer, radio and television. If you don't have access to a dust rag, slip one of your dirty cotton socks on your hand and use that to dust. Dust all picture frames and straighten any ar work and pictures hanging on the walls. If time permits, either sweep or vacuum the floor.


If the weather permits, open the window for a fresh, clean smell. If not, keep a bottle of air freshener handy and use it to make the room smell fresh and clean.

Rest Easy

Make quick cleaning easier and simpler with the right accessories. Install individual hooks, or a row of hooks, on the walls and use them to hang your favorite jackets and sweaters. Invest in jewelry storage, either a holder with hooks that sits on your bureau or one that hangs on the wall, to keep your jewelry accessible but doesn't create more clutter. Stash clutter-makers such as magazines and bills in labeled decorative boxes. Invest in a shoe bench, or other shoe storage that matches your decor, that fits all of your shoes and prevents them from cluttering the floor.


Make a habit of daily cleanup, such as making your bed and storing your shoes in the proper place.

Things You Will Need

  • Laundry basket
  • Clean bedding
  • Damp cloth
  • Vacuum or dust mop
  • Air freshener

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